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How to Buy a Perfect Electronic Piano in 2018?

Finding the best digital piano can be overwhelming. Yamaha P-115? Casio PX-160? If the individual model does not bother you, then each manufacturer has another digital piano line, and it is difficult to cut it through marketing. I want the “digital piano in the input console”? Or should I get a series of “Piano performances in a compact and stylish digital piano”? What is worse, with so many models I bought an outdated model?

Well, do not be afraid. Let’s help! There are pianists in our team, and they have a wealth of experience gathered together to write this guide (one of the founders of this site has been playing the piano for more than 20 years!). We like doing our research so that we can save you valuable time. Different people have different views on the best digital pianos, so we look at the best-selling products through forums, other customer guides and retail stores. Then we compiled a large list, selected the best overall list based on different budget levels and examined each separately. We even installed a beautiful headset in our local store and spent hours testing various models.

This guide is intended for beginners or intermediate players looking for a good digital piano. For experienced players, do not worry, we also have a choice. If your time is short and you want to hit the chase, here is our best choice for a digital piano:

What you need to look for and how to buy a digital piano

Budget and Cost: There is no doubt that your budget and the price of a digital piano are often the most important factors. There is an absolutely overwhelming choice of a digital piano. Kazio made enough digital piano models to cause dizziness. They do this, of course, to accommodate the budget of a large number of pianists. If you already have a budget or want to decide what to spend as an experienced pianist and reducer, we will help you to get the most out of it. In this guide, we focus on the budget in the amount of 400 to 800 US dollars. We believe that this is a good coverage for beginners and intermediate players, and also offers excellent opportunities for advanced players. We firmly believe that $ 400 is an entry-level price, with a respected digital piano from a respected brand that you proudly own and play.

Number of keys: the number of keys on the piano determines the size of the piano, and also affects the price. The acoustic pianos have 88 keys, so 88 is considered “full size”. The next smallest option is the 76 keys, followed by the smaller 61 keys. In this manual, we will focus on using the 88-key digital piano, because it’s more like a suitable piano. When you play certain songs, keys 61 and 76 may be limited, and when you are more serious about the piano, we are worried that you will quickly exceed the size.

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Portability: Unlike guitars, pianos are often not the most portable instruments. Acoustic pianos, of course, are not portable, and this is a nightmare that can move (imagine that you need to hang a fragile, expensive wooden acoustic piano on the stairwell). The advantage of a digital piano is that it is more portable. Look at the weight, depth, width and height of the digital piano you bought to understand its mobility. Although there are 88 buttons that can reach the minimum width, changes in size and weight can surprise you.

The key weight is also called “action”: the key weight or movement of the digital piano is very important, it can be said that this is the second most important factor after the actual sound of the digital piano. When we talk about the “feel” of a digital piano, we basically mean actions. When you press the acoustic piano, you will feel resistance and weight when the hammer approaches and strikes the piano strings. The digital piano is just a computer, perhaps you guessed it, so there is no hammer or thread. However, to be considered an excellent digital piano, he needs to reproduce the weight of a real piano. In general, the enthusiasts of the digital piano are more expensive, they pay more attention to the feeling of the keyboard. A digital piano (also known as “hammer action”) was requested with a “fully weighted” key. Cheap digital pianos, some synthesizers and a smaller keyboard can have half-keys or no weight at all. For the piano, we really want to avoid this.

Polyphony: Polyphony is one of the “big words” in the music world, which can confuse beginners. If you used to play the piano or keyboard / synthesizer, you probably heard about polyphony. In short, polyphony is the maximum number of notes that a digital piano can play at a time. Remember that a digital piano is essentially a computer and therefore limited to memory and other components. Normally you will see that the digital piano has 64 or 64